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about me april 2013


Hi! I'm Elba Valverdedesigner & blogger. Creating handmade and handpainted accessories has become much more than a profession, but a passion. Each piece is made to order and unique. Some collections and pieces are predesigned, but each piece is unique in that it is hand painted and handmade, slight variations between what you see on this website and the finished product are almost certain. I consider these differences to be what adds uniqueness and individuality to my jewelry and accessories, and in no way a negative characteristic.


You can find earrings and necklaces in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs. All of them are light weight and hand painted on both sides. I believe you should look great from every angle, but you should never feel weighed down by what you wear.

Each piece has a detailed description of measurements, colors, shapes and materials.

You can also check my blog to find out some other things about me.

live colorful and have fun link